Best Air purifier brands in India


Pollution has reached a certain point in today’s world that it has become mandatory to install an air purifier inside the household as well as in commercial spaces. You need to understand that this comes as a necessity for one and all as we require fresh and pure air to breathe freely. Keeping this in mind, several companies have now come out with their range of air purifiers that can be purchased for the households. These air purifiers not only remove impurities but also help to get rid of the foul odor that lingers behind when you come back home.

Range of air purifiers in India

The market is witnessing a speedy entry of several brands in the segment of air purifiers. Apart from the retail segment, consumers can also browse a wide range of air purifiers while checking online shopping websites. But the question lies here is ‘Which is the best air purifier?’ Thus, to answer this we have hereby listed best air purifier brands in India that are not only performing well but are also becoming the favorite of one and all.

  1. Eureka Forbes Portable Air Purifier

An innovative product from Eureka Forbes, this particular purifier has an air filter capacity of 75-100 square feet. Priced at Rs. 1050, this particular purifier has a LED light setting that gets activated when the device is switched on. As such, this device has a life period of 10,000 hours. Being portable in nature, this air purifier can be easily carried while travelling.

  1. Philips (AC40025/10) Air Purifier

Having a filtering capacity of about 99%, this brand new air purifier from Philips has everything that you are looking for in a purifying device. This purifier is able to clean out the bacteria and other impurities from the air that you breathe. This purifier is able to purify the surrounding that is within an area of 320 square feet. Priced at Rs. 13,000, this purifier is equipped with a carbon based filter.

3. Kent Ozone TY-500 Wall Mountable Air Purifier

A wall mount type of purifier from Kent, this is the right fit if your household has larger area. The purifier is able to generate airflow of about 2.8 km per hour. The purifier emits ozone and thus is considered to be completely eco-friendly. For the purpose of wireless connection, a remote is provided during the purchase. This is currently priced at Rs. 5195.

4. Honeywell Air Touch (HAC35M15101W) Air Purifier

Priced at Rs. 25,000, the air purifier from Honeywell provides multiple levels of filtration and purification of air. This purifier system comes with a touch panel that can be used for changing the settings in the device. You can set the purifier in sleep mode when there is no need for the purifier.

5. Oster OAP706 40-Watt Air Purifier

Sleek and cylindrical in design, this air purifier is able to remove animal dander, pollen, household dust and other impurities from your surroundings. After fixing the purifier in your house, you can see that the device is able to clean out the air that is within the area of 165 square feet. Priced at Rs. 4400, this purifier comes with 3 different speeds of fan. This device is available online and is perfect for a modern day household.


Considering the urgency to install air purifiers at home as well as in offices, it is very important to install only the best.

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