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Understanding the Modest Living of Celebrities

Have you been looking for a new home? Can’t decide what type of home to settle in? Living extravagantly may have always been your biggest dream, but modest living also has its perks and advantages. Just take a cue from celebrities. Many people often think that all celebrities live glamorous ...

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Emergency Numbers You Should Have in Your Phone Book

Everyone knows 911. Even your kid probably knows that he or she should call 911 in times of trouble. From crimes, traffic accidents, fires, life-threatening situations, to water-related emergencies, you can call 911 for rescue and assistance. However, as a mom, you know that certain life emergencies cannot be solved ...

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Guest Room Revamp: Make the Guest Never Wanting to Leave

The best way to create an outstanding and lasting impression on house guests is through the spruced up guest room. This is where they will rest and sleep, so it is paramount to make it comfortable. Take these tips to make the guests feel more than welcome and not wanting ...

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