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How to Find a House Off Post

Military members often joke that the actual day to day life of the military is nothing like what you might see on the news. They say that most of it is “hurry up and wait” or just a normal job. One of the aspects of a normal job is the ...

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Foundation Repair or Installation Requires an Expert

If you are a homeowner or own a business, you know how important it is to keep up with the maintenance required for most facilities. Over time, basic wear and tear happens, as does bad weather and other unexpected events. These can wreak havoc on the foundation of our home ...

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In Bed with Beauty: The Benefits of a Customised Bed

Beds feature pretty prominently in the world of literature and also in art.  The climactic moments in everything from Homer and Shakespeare to The Graduate and Downton Abbey take place in the bedroom.  Great artists, from the Italian Masters to Toulouse-Lautrec to today’s giants, consistently make the bedroom out to ...

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Garage Doors Come in a Wide Selection of Designs and Colours

For people who have garages in their homes, choosing the garage door offers more options than they may think. Most garage doors are roller doors, which are convenient, easy to operate and even attractive. Garage doors can come standard or custom made, with or without insulation, electric or manual and ...

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