How Glass Panels and Balustrades Can Give Your Home a Fresh Sense of Style

DIY and innovative non-traditional interior and exterior décor options are the hottest trends in interior design today. To make your home really stand out nowadays, that old white picket fence or simple barbeque pit simply won’t cut it. Rather, you need to look to new spins on old options, which is part of the reason why glass-based balustrades are catching on in popularity. Even if you’ve never heard of a balustrade, you’ve almost certainly seen one. Balustrades have been a staple of architecture since the ancient Assyrians, and we in the West are most familiar with them via the columns which support Greco-Roman style buildings. That said, the past decade has seen a revolution in the way balustrades have been employed, with glass options becoming an exciting new option.


Why Go Glass?

You might well be wondering why, if balustrades are traditionally large support columns á la Greco-Roman architecture, glass options are even a possibility, let alone one of the most popular picks right now. The answer comes in large part from the rise of Post-modern ideas of architecture, with balustrades beginning to be used in new and exciting ways—as fencing, as railings, as standalone features, and much more. Glass is also a very popular building material in contemporary design schemes. Its smooth finish and transparent nature go well with many contemporary and future-looking design aesthetics, and with innovations in the field of glass manufacturing making for thicker and sturdier glass panels every year, going glass is a safer choice than ever before.

Balustrade Fastenings

If you do decide to opt for balustrades of glass, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want to make sure that these balustrades are placed in a well-lit and highly visible area. After all, not only do you want to avoid anyone accidentally crashing into them, but you also want those glass panels to catch and reflect as much light as possible, allowing each glass balustrade to gleam elegantly while you show them off to your guests. You also want to make sure that each panel is secured, which means ensuring that you have the correct balustrade fastenings for each unit, and that each one is firmly attached. If you are unsure as to which balustrade fastenings are right for your glass features, contact an installation company.


Outdoor Fencing and Indoor Railings

Two of the most popular uses of glass panels and features today are outdoor fencing options and indoor railings. In the latter case, glass panels—either sleek and straight or smoothly curved—are fastened along the edge of your staircase, giving it a chic professional look which is popular in modern places of business today. Glass fencing, meanwhile, is a popular option for those looking to spruce up their poolside décor. Not only does the glass here reflect sunlight beautifully, but the transparency allows you to see and interact with guests more easily than if you were divided by traditional, opaque fencing.

Get glass panels for all your home decorating needs today.

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