In Bed with Beauty: The Benefits of a Customised Bed

Beds feature pretty prominently in the world of literature and also in art.  The climactic moments in everything from Homer and Shakespeare to The Graduate and Downton Abbey take place in the bedroom.  Great artists, from the Italian Masters to Toulouse-Lautrec to today’s giants, consistently make the bedroom out to be a place of intrigue and that begins in part with a sumptuous bed.

Benefits of a Customised Bed

When it comes to interior design, there are few spaces more important and intimate than the master bedroom itself.  This is one of the major focal points for all your décor decisions.  What’s more, a bedroom is a very private and personal space for obvious reasons, and so it’s of the utmost importance that you feel comfortable actually sleeping there.

All this and more is why you’ll want to look into customised beds.

The Lap of Luxury

Of the many reasons to look into customised beds, their sheer beauty and luxurious quality rank near the top of the list.  Mass-produced beds are fine and all, but for a bed that really makes a statement about who you are and what you’re like in this most intimate of places, you’re going to want to go with a customisable option.  There’s just something about gorgeous hand-crafted oak headboards or Versailles-inspired bedposts that can’t be replicated via mass production.  Luxury, by its very nature, tends to be rather individualised, customised and, yes, exclusive.  If everyone owned those seven-figure sports cars or movie star wardrobes, they’d hardly have that same allure and aura of elite company, would they?

Benefits of a Customised Bed1

Home décor is, again, your chance to express yourself.  What kind of message do you want to send to others and indeed to yourself?  Custom designed beds, made from only the best materials and fashioned to suit your heart’s desire, are a fantastic way to pamper yourself just enough to help you feel like a star in your most personal of spaces.  This in turn can have a broader impact than you might think.  Sure, you may not fancy yourself a celebrity, but having a luxurious, custom metal bed that looks great and feels even better can do wonders for your sleep, not to mention your self-image and confidence.

Bedding Options

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  That’s certainly true when it comes to beds, and it is another reason to give custom options a look.  Even if you don’t care whether or not your bed is fit for a queen, you don’t want getting to sleep to prove a royal pain.  Mass-produced mattresses simply cannot provide the same level of craftsmanship or comfort as can a luxuriously-styled, personalised bed made just for you.  As to what designs actually suit you best, you’ll want to consult a specialist to see whether wood or metal beds better meet with your taste, and what kind of mattresses can afford you the most comfort.

Whether you want to feel like a star or simply want a good night’s sleep, custom beds are simply the best way to go.

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