The Districts of HồChí Minh and Their Real Estate Value

Vietnam has recently relaxed its laws so that foreigners can easily purchase property in their country. Now is the time to start taking a look at the beautiful districts of HồChí Minh! There are seven districts that might interest someone in the market for new property. Take a look at them below!

Real Estate Value

District One

District One is one of the most exciting and modern districts of HồChí Minh. The governmental offices and embassies are located in District One, making it a hot spot for foreigners. However, there is much more to this district.

District One offers movie theaters, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, and many other forms of entertainment, and is the nightlife capital of the city. If you are looking for real estate for sale in HồChí Minh, expect to pay a little more for a property in District One.

District Two

District Two is located a little further out from District One and is less expensive and crowded. It is also less expensive to live in. Many foreigners choose to live in District Two because it is quieter, yet still close to all the amenities District One has to offer. There are many high-class villas and apartments available for sale in District Two.

District Three

District Three also has entertainment like District One, but it is a little quieter. It has coffee shops, parks, and movie theaters to keep you entertained, as well as perfectly clothed with their fashion shops. Many young people choose to look for apartments and condos in District Three.

District Five

This is known as the China Town of HồChí Minh. It has ancient structures in it that the other districts lack, and is the pagoda capital of the city. The cost of living in District Five is not as high as living in District One, and is around the same as living in District Three. For those who are looking for some authentic Chinese food, District Five is the place to go!

District Seven

Like District Two, District Seven has many foreigners who have chosen to live in Vietnam. While it’s a bit out of the way, it’s touted as the future face of the city in the next few years with the housing industry there. Due to it being planned in a Western district that served high-income people who lived in the city a long time ago, there are many high-quality villas for sale there.

Tan Binh District

Tan Binh is a respectable district to live in for those who have a middle-class income. It has many mid-sized and small companies and public transportation. Fast food is available and the cost of living is low.

Thu Duc District

This is pretty far from the city center and many foreigners have not yet bought in this district, but it is a promising place to look! It’s much cheaper to live here, and an added benefit is that the district is scheduled to be turned into an education district. This means any extra rooms can be rented out to students!

Purchasing in HồChí Minh is well worth the investment if you’re looking to get into an up-and-coming city!

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