The Corporate Housing Advantage

Corporate housing is all the rage in the 21st century. Our country is growing and reaching new horizons in many fields of study. College graduates are starting internships and new jobs that will inevitably lead them away from home. Population influxes in big cities are making housing a priority. Even with all this, corporate housing has one particular advantage for many companies to consider.

The advantage we are speaking of is happiness. Happiness leads to faculty, staff, interns, and clients who are dedicated to their team. Of course, happiness also leads to a healthy employee who can produce high-quality work.

Groups Utilizing Corporate Housing

Many companies are investing in corporate housing options in order to attract clients as well as astute employees. Along with these groups, it may surprise you to learn that interns are becoming a prominent category of users. Interns currently make up about 21% of the population using corporate housing on a regular basis.

While interns are the second-largest group making use of corporate housing, there are top industries in various fields who see the importance also. These industries include fields such as:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Law and Government

Other groups include travelers with children, emergency stays, seasonal travelers, and expatriates.

The Happiness Advantage

Happiness is the result of many circumstances. One thing for sure is that a happy person creates quality work and a good work environment.

  • Less stress creates happiness – Companies that provide corporate housing for their clients or employees do not need to have a 12-month lease agreement. Corporate housing provides a month by month lease agreement. Stresses such as locating a home, packing your belongings, and expenses are non-existent. Corporate housing is an all-inclusive and fully furnished option.
  • Providing a Home – Corporate housing provides a home away from home. It is a place to stay for clients and corporate employees. A place with all the amenities and furnishings allows tenants to be healthy, well rested, and comfortable. Most of the time, corporate housing allows clients and employees to bring their families and even their pets. This environment can only lead to happiness.

Corporate housing offers an important advantage that companies around the world are beginning to recognize. Happiness in your work environment is a priority that cannot be overlooked. This advantage has many positive repercussions. Happiness equals high-quality work along with employees who stay healthy. Healthy employees results in less absences, which we all know equals deadlines met and clients who will return.

Happiness is what it is all about. Companies who offer corporate housing are already experiencing this advantage. Those who may be considering the option of corporate housing for clients or employees should note this advantage on their list of future goals for their company.

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