The Best Apartments You Surely Need to Watch Now

Every time your mother asks you if you have started looking for accommodation, you say, “Yes. Do not worry “when that’s not the case.

Back to school starts soon and you still have not found accommodation? Every time your mother asks you if you have started looking for accommodation, you say, “Yes! Yes! Do not worry “when that’s not the case. No worries, the boston apartments team has prepared a list of recommendations to help you find your dream apartment.

Expect Your Budget

Often, we forget some costs in a rental. Be careful not to get caught:

  • Internet: Included VS not included, you must be careful not exceeding the limit if there is one.
  • Electricity: Is it included in the price?
  • Parking: Reserved place or not?
  • Does the landlord apply for a deposit?

In the best of all worlds, your income should be equal to three times your rent.

The Visit

This is the most important phase of your home shopping. Above all, avoid visits in the evening because the defects are less visible. The goal is to see how the apartment is maintained and especially to ask questions:

  • Is the building well isolated?
  • What does the rent include?
  • What furniture will stay in the apartment?
  • Is there an outdoor area?
  • Are animals accepted?

Inform us about your rights

A multitude of laws exist in the renting of a room or an apartment. So, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it will be important that you know your rights and your obligations:

On your side, you will have to take care of the places and make them in the state of arrival.

You Must Sign a Lease

The lease must specify the name, the address of the owner and the rental period. It indicates the surface, the description of the apartment as well as the amount of the rent and the deposit. You can annex all that you think is necessary. And most importantly, you will have to read it in full (especially the fine print at the bottom).

You Should Know the Prices

To avoid getting caught, take the time to find out about the prices of a room or a room . This can range from $ 300 in the region to $ 1,000 in the city. Analyze the market before choosing your apartment!

Feel free to negotiate

Almost all is negotiable in life. If an apartment really interests you, come up with a game plan. You can try to lower the price of the rental or to include additional costs, internet, cleaning lady, parking, snow removal, animals, etc. If you have a summer session, there is a lot less traffic in the student housing, so try your luck!

To hear you well with your roommates

It is an integral part of social life. You have to know how to make sacrifices and also to enforce your co-location rights.

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