Spring. The Ideal Time To Buy New Furniture

Once the weather starts to show signs of improvement, many people like to take this opportunity to upgrade their furniture and redecorate their homes. Lighter evenings and a bit of sunshine can often give you the enthusiasm you need to start jobs like these and if you complete them early in the year, you’ll get the whole of the summer off to do other things. We asked Priest Brothers in Chelmsford, Essex, their top tips for buying furniture this Spring.

Buy New Furniture

One of the most enjoyable projects can be your bedroom. After all, you do spend a lot of time in there even if some of that time is spent asleep. A bedroom however can be a great place to relax with a book, so if you have the space, try and fit in a comfortable chair to enjoy your new surroundings.

Priest Brothers

If your bed has seen better days then perhaps it’s a good opportunity to replace it with something a bit more stylish this time round. A sleigh bed could make a real statement and if you go for a lighter wood such as oak it won’t look too imposing. Perhaps your wardrobes could also do with replacing. You’ll find a choice of craftsman made, real wood wardrobes that will give you all the storage space you could possibly need, and any extra storage could be provided by a couple of bedside tables to match; an ideal place for a lamp and a place to keep your book whilst you sleep.


Naturally you’re going to need a mirror so either choose a dressing table with matching mirror, or if you prefer you could always hang a mirror on the wall instead. Maybe a dressing mirror and stand would be a better option for you, Either way, if you decorate your walls in a fairly neutral colour then it will enhance the look of your new furniture.

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