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Renovations for Renters: How to Decorate Your Place without Losing Your Security Deposit

Living in an apartment has its own set of struggles, from dealing with noisy neighbors to convincing your landlord to let you keep a pet. But another challenge apartment dwellers face is the need to decorate while being mindful of the rules in your lease.

Decorating your apartment, no matter how short your stay, is one of the ways to make this space your own. There are several ways to personalize your living space without losing your security deposit. You just have to do your research and practice care in carrying out your improvements.

Figure Out What is Allowed

Most landlords are lenient with general improvements, such as additional storage space. But it’s still important that you review your contract to see what is allowed. If it’s not stated there, consider contacting your landlord to discuss what you can and can’t do with the apartment.

Taking the time to discuss it with your landlord will help you find an acceptable way to personalize your space without losing your deposit. It can also give you better insights into the residence, like potential structural issues that weren’t disclosed to you at the beginning.

Simple Decorating Ideas for Apartments

Once you’ve learned what you’re allowed to do for your apartment, you can start deciding on how to carry out your home improvements. Avoid rushing into things to prevent mistakes that can leave lasting damage to the apartment.

Decorate the Walls

Most landlords agree to change as long as you restore the walls before leaving. When you decorate your walls, you have the option to paint or use wallpaper. The former is easier to apply and replace with the original color once you’re ready to leave. These days, there are temporary stick-on wallpapers that you can simply peel off when you want to restore the walls to their original condition. This option also gives you more freedom to be creative; some websites carry discontinued wallpaper designs for you to purchase for your apartment.

Invest in Furniture

When buying furniture for your apartment, choose pieces that will suit any space. These include a bed frame, a couch, and a dining set. Since your apartment is a temporary living space, don’t waste money on items that are specific to its architectural style. By investing in furniture that is practical and functional, you avoid buying items that you won’t be able to use in your next apartment.

Create More Storage

Most apartments have limited storage, while some are completely bare. When looking for furniture, consider buying pieces that serve multiple purposes such as a couch with built-in drawers. Alternatively, consider making improvements that will give you more space to keep your belongings. These include hanging shelves for your books or plants and hooks to keep your bags and jackets. ;

Install New Lighting

Considered by many to be one of the easiest and simplest ways to enhance an apartment, installing new lights allows you to set the mood for your space. These days, there are smart LED light bulbs that you can control through your phone. Change the color and brightness with a swipe of your finger to give your living space more character.

Decorate with Plants

Choose low-maintenance indoor plants to breathe new life into your apartment. The addition of greenery will give you unique decorative features. Plants are also easy to remove once your lease is up and you need to leave.

Decorating your home is one of the exciting parts of living independently. Don’t let the temporary nature of your current living arrangement stop you from personalizing the space. Review your lease and speak with your landlord to come up with a compromise that works for everyone.

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