Preparing your Home for a New Pet Dog

While anticipation and excitement would be at the top of the charts while bringing home a new puppy for the first time, you would be required to prepare for its arrival. Just as you would be required to prepare a home when you have a toddler, pet owners would also be required to take certain precautions when puppy proofing your house.

While anticipation and excitement

The front yard and the garden

Prior to you beginning to prepare your home for the puppy, you would be required to think about the front yard and the garden. Foremost, check fences along with gates to be sure there have been no holes big enough for the dog to escape through or get his head stuck in it. You should watch out for trashcans and litter that could be knocked over. You should give your new puppy a chance to eat things that might make it sick. In addition, know where you would be treating your garden and lawn with pesticides. Do not let your puppy venture in the area. Moreover, you would be required to produce all chemicals and more harmful products that have been put away from the child’s reach.

Treating puppies as toddlers

You would have to inspect your home as if a strange toddler has been coming to live with you. Similar to toddlers, puppies would think everything has been new and exciting. They might not be aware when something would be dangerous or cannot tell if that peculiar remote control would get them into trouble.

Treating puppies as toddlers

Furthermore, when refurbishing your home for the new puppy, you should keep the following tips in mind.

Ensure to close all electrical openings

Ensure electrical and cable wires have been in a space your puppy will not either have access to or hide them under carpets or rugs. Do not keep wires where your puppy might chew or gnaw on them.

close all electrical openings

Inquisitive mind of puppies

Similar to toddlers, your puppy would be investigating every item, element inclusive of low cupboards. You are advised to install lock or childproof devices for the puppy.

Preparing your home for your new puppy would be a lot to handle. Therefore, you could look at purchasing a puppy pen until everything settles down. Similar to like a baby’s playpen, a puppy pen would provide an area for him to play without leaving the home. By doing this, you would also be saving your furniture and more objects from being chewed on. It would be imperative to go through healthy paws reviews before taking pet insurance.

Inquisitive mind of puppies

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