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My Contributions to My Daughter’s First Apartment

When my daughter landed her first professional job she was as giddy as a teenager.  I was proud of her success, and promised I’d try to do something special and unique to celebrate it.  When she got her first apartment I thought I had the opportunity, but I hadn’t counted on her streak of independence.  She wouldn’t even let us parents help move her possessions, much less help set up her new place.  So we stayed home and waited very impatiently for that day when she called and invited us over for dinner.

My wife insisted that we bring some housewarming gifts.  She decided to get a complete set of cookware.  I added a 4-place set of silverware.  I was a bit concerned that our daughter might take these gifts as a hint that we felt she needed to improve her cooking skills.  She’d always been one who found it easier to buy something from the local deli and heat it on the stove.  But now ensconced in her own abode I figure she will quickly develop the skills her mother seemed born with.  I thought she would also appreciate some cheerful decorating items.  So I got her some decorative baskets from Edible Arrangements using a Groupon to get them at a 20% discount – including Shari’s Berries’ famous chocolate-dipped strawberries.  We had them sent to her new apartment in advance as a surprise to be opened after dinner.

Although my daughter is one of these kids who is super-conscious about her health – working out daily and using a plethora of vitamins and food supplements – she also suffers from an inherited weakness for sweets like candy and chocolates.  I warn her she’ll end up with teeth like her father’s – those few that he still has – but I am glad she has some weaknesses.  It also assures me she will find the Edible Arrangements gifts as tasty as they are attractive.

Because she’s always been so independent I promised myself I wouldn’t offer advice or assistance for anything unless she specifically asked for it.  That worked well, mainly because my wife provided enough comments and suggestions for both of us.  Of course, mother-daughter relations and communications are foreign dialects to even the most understanding male.  I wisely kept my tongue and nose out of that conversation!

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