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Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at How to Optimize Space in Your Apartment for A Large Party


Mark Roemer Oakland knows a lot must be done in your flat if you plan on throwing a party there. Your list of things to accomplish can rapidly get very long if you include things like preparing the decorations and the cuisine. But before you get too far into the preparations, think about the number of people who could stay at your flat without feeling crowded. You may be astonished by the number of guests you can invite if you can maximize the use of the space you have. To assist you in making the most of the area that you have, here are some recommendations.

Avoid Clutter

If you habitually gather little trinkets and collectibles, the evening of your party is not the best time to put them on display for your guests to see. It is essential to keep your apartment as clean and clear of clutter as possible so that visitors do not risk injuring themselves by stumbling over extra end tables or knocking over picture frames while they move around. Spend the night before the party putting away unnecessary items and keeping them out of sight.

Rearrange Furniture

You may need to store some of your smaller pieces of furniture in the master bedroom for the duration of the party to get rid of all the clutter. Alternately, it may mean moving items that aren’t necessary to the other side of the room, such as the coffee table or ottomans with ornamental accents.

Available Surfaces

Not only can the dining room or the kitchen function as a buffet place in an apartment when you are holding a party, but other rooms in the flat can also. You will need every available surface in the apartment, from the console tables to the end tables, to lay out appetizers for everyone attending the party. Prepare various snacks and place them in multiple locations in your home so that you are never more than a few steps away from a bite to eat.

Prepared Food

Before your big party, ensure that your kitchen countertops are clean and free of clutter. This is because your kitchen counters will likely be one of the surfaces on which you will be serving little snacks. Complete all of the cooking in advance, giving yourself plenty of time to clean up before the arrival of your guests, and save yourself some stress. To simplify, don’t bother serving any hot appetizers; stick to serving only cold items instead. Or, if you are set on serving a warm dish, serve it directly from the slow cooker rather than putting yourself through the stress of preparing food for an hour before the party is scheduled to begin.

The Libations

In the same vein, you don’t want to take up too much space on the counter by stocking an entire bar’s worth of different drink selections. Choose one or two distinctive drinks that can be made in large quantities rather than making a large number of other beverages. Before your guests start to arrive, whip up a couple of batches and pour them into glass dispensers so that they can serve themselves. This will ensure that everyone has something to drink. This will help you conserve room and spare you the headache of dispensing drinks throughout the night. Simply store the second batch of your unique party drink in the refrigerator if the first dispenser runs out before all your guests can try it.


Mark Roemer Oakland knows that parties can be fun, but they can also be a lot of work. Take time to prepare, and you will have a fun party with your friends.

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