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How to Protect Your Apartment from Termites

Termites can be a really big problem if you own an apartment. Did you know that termites infest and destroy an estimated 600,000 homes in the U.S. every year according to a study done by a reputable pest control company? Having a termite infestation not only hurts your house but also everyone in it. Imagine stepping on a floor that’s been half infested by those pesky bugs. It’ll break easily, thereby putting you or your family members at risk of possible accidents. Before they even have the chance to get into your homes, you must already take the necessary precautions. Here are some ways to do it:

Call for a Professional Help

If you don’t know anything about termite control and badly need help, then you can just call for a professional. One of the most efficient and effective professional termite control services are Fischer Environmental Services. They have specialized in termite control for many years and can definitely help you if you have a termite problem or just want to prevent an infestation. There are also other professional service providers other than Fischer Environmental Services that you can find near your area.

Know if They’re Around

If you prefer to do things on your own, you must survey the area first. Before an actual infestation occurs, you’ll most likely see some signs that they are preparing to spread around first. Look for termite dung, wings, and small holes in your house. If you see any of those, then they may be there in small numbers already. This means you’ve got to be prepared to eliminate them first.

Take out Any Wet Wood

If there’s one thing that termites are attracted to, it’s wet wood. Wet wood makes good breeding grounds for termites. Hence, if you’re looking for a nest, then you’ll most likely find one in moist wood. Also, don’t forget to dry or replace any moist wood so that they won’t have anywhere to thrive.

Create a Termite Trench

A termite trench is a trench that circles your entire home and is filled with liquid termiticide. This is a very effective strategy in keeping them out because the termiticide can either kill them or chase them away. Dig up a small trench around the house and start spraying the treatment in the trench to create a termite barrier.

Put Termite Poison in Some Areas Around Your House

Another way to eliminate them and also make sure they don’t come back is to put termite baits in places where you think they will be. Termite baits made from wet cardboard can attract termites easily. What they don’t know is that inside the wet cardboard lies a poison that can kill them off easily. These termite baits can kill off entire colonies and scare other termites from coming close to your house.


While termites don’t directly hurt you like other bugs can, they pose a serious threat to your house. They can eat away your house really fast and leave gaps in your walls, beams, and pillars. Because of that, your house will steadily fall apart, leaving you hurt if a loose part falls on you. Therefore, before any of that happens, take quick action and defend your home with some of the tips mentioned above.

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