How to Find the Right Pond Pump


A pond is a great addition to any garden. If you are trying to create a garden that works as a space to entertain your guests, relax for tea, or enjoy a stronger drink after dark, you should look into creating a pond. If you already have a pond, you need to make sure you’re maintaining it properly. However, entertaining guests is not the only reason why a pond is a great idea for your garden. Many people like to have a body of water in their gardens because it attracts birds. Many enjoy having some fish swimming around in there, as well as the kinds of plants that grow on the water’s edge.  Those are all great and wonderful, but you have to make sure you’re keeping your pond well maintained. If you let your pond go, you’ll end up with a very stinky pool of water swarming with flies and mosquitoes. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to buy a good pump and keep it clean. There are a few kinds of pumps. Each one has a few advantages and disadvantages.


Filter Pumps

A filter pump is often mistaken for a pump that also filters the water. That’s not the case. A filter pump is one that is capable of pumping water to a separate filter where it is cleaned. You might need a filter pump because they are also called ‘solids-handling’ pumps, which means that they will not malfunction if some solid matter passes through them. That’s how they then pump the water through the filter. Filter pumps are ideal if you have a lot of trees or plants around your pond. When the weather changes and the leaves start falling into the pond, they’re going to start to decay and need to be filtered. Aquamax actually produces a great filter pump that many people in colder climates tend to love. You can buy a great Aquamax pump from OASE at an affordable price.

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These pumps are also great if you are trying to save energy. Running a pond can get a little bit expensive, but if you can keep your water and your electricity costs low, then you’re doing better than most. A ‘gravity’ filter pump or ‘eco’ filter pump is a great way to keep costs low. These pumps use efficient motors that consume very little energy. They rely on gravity to help move the water through the pump. In addition to being better for your wallet, they’re also better for the environment.

Fountain Pumps

These are exactly as the name implies they are; fountain pumps are the ones that produce fountains of water. Fountain pumps are usually differentiated based on the height of the water jets, the width of the water jets, and the design of the fountain. Obviously, the advantage of a fountain pump is that it creates a fountain. The disadvantage is that you might need to buy a filter pump as well to make sure that solids are not clogging your fountain. Either type of pump will help you create a great garden space.


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