How To Design A Kitchen From Ground Up

Plan and design your kitchen basing on the size and shape of the kitchen, number of people using the kitchen at once, how often you will cook and activities the kitchen will be used for. Consider where the power points, gas outlets, water pipes and waste pipes are installed. You can also hire a kitchen design expert such as Lang’s Kitchen and Bath.

Design A Kitchen

Carefully consider the kitchen’s size to determine the number and size of drawers, shelves, cupboards and appliances to include in the kitchen. If the kitchen is small, maximize storage by using pot racks, overhead hooks and outfit drawers, and run cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. Include a small snack bar with overhanging counter and stools that can easily be tucked for an eat-in for such a kitchen. A large kitchen allows you to allot enough space for large work surfaces, appliances, communal cooking, watching TV and doing homework. Sharply contrasting colors and patterns with dramatic decorative effects fit a large kitchen.


There are basically five types of kitchen layouts, namely L shape, U shape, double L shape, single-style wall and galley-style shape. The L-shaped kitchen uses the space between two walls of your kitchen and is suitable for a kitchen that is open to a dining room. The U layout works well for a kitchen with three walls and narrow space. The double L is has one big L and another small L. The larger L connects two connecting walls, while the small L runs along the third wall, with one side extending into the kitchen. Just like the U shape, a single-style wall saves a lot of space; appliances are lined along a single wall. The galley-style kitchen uses the space between two parallel walls, with appliances lined along both walls, and it allows access from both ends.

Be sure that the legs of the three working centers of a work triangle-namely, the kitchen sink, range and fridge, add up to at least 26 feet. In a galley kitchen design, all the three work centers are arranged near one wall. If you are designing a U-shaped kitchen, place the centers on the three walls, forming a triangular path from one point to the other.

Design A Kitchen

Place the sink in a central position beneath a window where you can easily access it. Position the range near the sink. The counter length should be at 24 inches on one side of the sink; drying area, and 36 inches on the other side; staging area. Position the main working area or the island in the middle of the room, taking care not to obstruct the work triangle. Allot at least 18-inch space next to the fridge. Leave enough space for the cook top, microwave and oven. You’ll want to use ceramic tiles or any other heat-resistant material to laminate your counter top in order to create a landing stage near cooking appliances. Whatever the plan, ensure that the door of the refrigerator faces the work triangle.

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