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How Can You Enhance the Atmosphere of Your Home?

Many modern homes are all about letting as much natural light in as possible. In fact, studies have discovered that people are happier and more productive in offices when there is an abundance of natural light streaming through the windows. The same applies to every home as well. A dark and unlit home isn’t attractive to buyers and it’s not very pleasant. So, how can you enhance the look of your home?

The Beauty of Glass

A lot of modern homes are all about open plan living spaces. No longer are we interested in separate family and dining areas. In many homes, the kitchen, dining room, and family room are all combined. This provides an easy to navigate space that is open, airy, and can be lit more easily with natural light.

Whether you already have an open plan home or not, the atmosphere of your home can easily be transformed with very little financial outlay. Glass balustrades offer an exciting and stunning way to improve both the look and feel of a home or office.

Glass is transformative in that it is defined by the following characteristics:

  1. Transmission of Natural Light

Perhaps the primary defining quality of glass is how much natural light it transmits within an area. For example, by using glass balustrades, you can easily add much needed light around your home. Use them on porches and terraces, for example, to open up a space and to allow more natural light to enter interior areas or darker external areas.

  1. Reflection of Light

Good quality glass will also reflect light. Such reflections of light cause an interplay between light and shadow inside homes and offices. This serves to reflect more light around the space itself and generate patterns and plays of light that are pleasing to the human eye.

  1. Transparent and Open

A frameless glass balustrade in Perth and other such quality glass structures also provide good depth of space inside homes. A glass balustrade, for example, will not distract the eye and will not even seem like a solid surface. This lack of opacity is transformative because it provides an open and airy feel within the space, causing a positive emotional reaction.


Glass is a modern and attractive way to transform any indoor or outdoor area. Many modern homes are open plan and open space, and by using more glass you can increase the transmission and reflection of natural light, develop an interplay of light and shadow, increase depth, and add to the overall atmosphere of the property. Not only does this make people happier, but it also adds to the potential sales value of any home or other property.

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