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Guest Room Revamp: Make the Guest Never Wanting to Leave

The best way to create an outstanding and lasting impression on house guests is through the spruced up guest room. This is where they will rest and sleep, so it is paramount to make it comfortable. Take these tips to make the guests feel more than welcome and not wanting to leave:

Upgrade the bed with superior-quality bedding

The bed is the most critical component of every home, primarily the guest room. Its comfort contributes to how the guests would assess their entire stay. If the host can afford to get a new mattress, get one. But if not, comfort can still be achieved by investing in high-quality bedding. Bedding should not cost a lot. There are many stores where it can be found on sale.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always keep the sheets fresh and clean. No matter how soft and comfortable the bedding is, the guests will be appalled if it stinks.

Include essentials

Put together a little cart with items the guest might have forgotten to bring, such as Q tips, a towel, tissues, and other toiletries. Yes, give them a hotel room experience! Also, remember to place a couple of bottles of water next to the cart, in case they needed it in the middle of the night.

Make sure that all of these are placed where it is easy to find. On the dresser, for instance.

Hang Blackout Curtains

If the guest room windows have started to look flat and dull, do an all-out window makeover in two steps. The first step is to have a room window replacement. The second step is to hang blackout curtains. There is just something so aesthetic about this type of window treatment.

Other reasons to get a blackout curtain for the guest room are that it provides privacy and helps the guest sleep late.

Add more details

Make the guest room more inviting by adding more details. Of course, making the room organized, clutter-free, neat, and ultra-tidy is the goal, but not to the extent of making it look too plain.

Adding some simple touches such as candles, family photos, little statues, or any knickknacks that express the host’s personality can make a statement. This will make the room much homier instead of too formal like a hotel room that has been barely touched by guests.

Make space in the closet for their clothes

Whether the guest is staying for just a few days or a week, make some space in the closet to hang their clothes that quickly get wrinkled. Empty some drawers as well for their other stuff. After all, most guests do not want to live in a suitcase.

Leave these drawers and the closet open before the guests arrive so that they can get a hint that those have been emptied specially for them and that they are welcome to use them.

 Set up a coffee and tea station

Find an area where it is ideal and safe to set up the coffee maker. If the coffee maker is not available, an electric kettle will be nice as well. Grab a nice tray and fill it with packets of coffee, creamer, sugar, and tea bags. This a convenient way for the guests to have coffee any time of the day.

It is also an excellent idea to add some snacks on the same table to munch on if they are uncomfortable roaming around the kitchen in the middle of the night.

Let the guests stay connected

Make an effort to print out a card that has the Wi-Fi network and password so that they can stay connected to the internet 24/7. Leave it on the bedside table for the guests to discover.

Add a cozy place to sit

Some guests are just not comfortable sitting on the bed. Make sure to have a chair and a desk in the guest room. In case the guest needs this area as a temporary workspace, it will be nice to have a lamp standing next to it, too.


Take the hosting to the next level and provide plush bathrobes for the guests. Hang some snug bathrobes in the closet for the guests to find.

By following this guide, the guests can have a comfortable and unforgettable stay during their visit. It is nice to know that most of the tips here do not cost so much to bring comfort to the guests. Take these tips to make the next guest hosting less intimidating.

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