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Expand Your Business with a Virtual Office

As many politicians are quick to state, small businesses are the backbone of a successful economy. The definition of a small business tends to differ depending on whom you ask, but most of them are actually quite small. If you are running a small business out of your home or garage, you know how difficult it can be. Due to the ubiquity of the Internet, you have to compete with companies from all over the world. For example, if you’re selling handcrafted kitchen aprons out of your garage, you have to compete with every other small business that is also selling kitchen supplies. There are probably thousands of people all over the world who are selling handcrafted linens and can be found over the Internet.

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Additionally, you have to compete with larger businesses. These businesses probably sell cheaply made linens at a much lower cost than your quality linens, but they also probably have a wider selection of linens. You have to find a way to set yourself apart. Expanding your business is a great way to make that happen. If you can more reliably mimic a bigger business, people will trust you more. It’s not fair, but people tend to trust bigger businesses more than they trust small businesses. Your best option is to make your clients think you’re bigger than you really are.

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Virtual Office

A virtual office in London can give your customers the impression that your business is bigger than it really is. You have a couple of options; the most common option is just a virtual office with a phone answering service. That means you’ll get an address and a phone number at a known office building. You won’t actually operate out of that building, but you’ll be able to receive mail there. Someone will also answer phone calls on behalf of your business. They’ll act as your virtual receptionist to field calls and take messages. Your clients will think that you have a high powered office in London. A virtual office has been proven to be pretty successful at increasing business.

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Intermittent Office

Some people who sign up for a virtual office actually need to have it for a little bit more than just an address and a virtual receptionist. Some people might need to do business in an office; they might need to meet with clients and customers. However, if you have a small business, you probably can’t afford to rent an office space year round if you only need to have a few meetings. Your best bet is to get an intermittent office space. When you sign up for a virtual office, you can also reserve a little bit of office space for a few days. That way, you can meet with customers and clients who will think that you work out of an office. It’s a perfect set up if you only need it for a few hours or a few days. Your clients will never know the difference.

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Research has shown that many customers are distrustful of people who work from home; they think that those small businesses are flaky or unreliable. A virtual office will prove you’re serious.

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