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Enjoying the Past Glow of Yesterday by Collecting Antique Lamps

You may think of artsy illumination when you look at some wall sconces. However, to truly enjoy a lighting arrangement, it is much more fun to choose antique wall sconces – lighting that supports elegant and classic decors.

Optimise Your Wall Space and Floor Space

What is great about collecting antique lighting in Sydney is that you don’t throw your money away. You can decorate your home and make an investment at the same time. Sconces are a great addition because of their small size and because they optimise space. You can add wall sconces to hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. You can even set the ambience in a wet room or bathroom.

If you want to choose more traditional sconces, it is best to choose brass designs from the 19th century. Rare finds include those with a shell shape, affixed to a wall with two scrolling arms, each of which hold rip pans. This type of sconce is indeed historic, especially if it was later electrified. Confirm the validity of the light by making sure that it comes with a registration mark.

Pricing Antique Sconces

Expect to pay from $950 to around $1,200 for sconces when looking for this particular lighting style. One way to add beauty to a more modern home is by adding a pair of Murano wall sconces in a leaf design. This type of Italian-made product is usually mid-20th century. Inspect this type of lighting up close, as some pieces may show a hairline crack.

Besides sconces, you may also be interested in chandeliers. Chandeliers can beautify a number of decors. For example, you can hang a wrought iron chandelier in a modern or more traditional setting. Perhaps, you prefer traditional looks. If so, a 20th century chandelier is a good pick, especially when it features eight branches, all displaying crystal.

Finding Limited Editions

A unique way to light a room is with a hand-stitched table lamp or a lamp with a stem that looks like a tree trunk. Because a tree trunk lamp is unique, it may be listed as a limited edition. Be aware that the price of a lamp usually will not include the shade. You will need to order a shade of your liking and or pay the extra money for the shade that comes with the advertised lamp.

You may want to optimise your space for lighting by adding a lighted mirror. While you usually think of placing this type of lamp as part of a vanity, you can also use it to decorate a living space or add ambience to a hallway.

As you can see, you can enjoy the past glow of yesterday in one of various ways. Explore your options online today. Find lights that you know will nicely support and illuminate your décor.

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