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A Quick Guide to Lighting Your Bedroom


Of course any bedroom is going to feature at least one ceiling light and this is, for those who opt not to make use of additional lighting, often perfectly adequate. That said, because relying solely on a ceiling light denies a person or couple the ability to adjust and effectively control the level of light within a room, as well as how and where it is directed (and, at worst, means somebody every night has the unfortunate task of having to get out of bed to switch the light off), here is a guide which explains how to escape all those situations and instead perfectly light your bedroom.

Remote Control Lighting

Traditionally and most often, remote control lighting involves purchasing a remote control light switch and fob or remote kit. Whilst inexpensive to buy, such kits often arrive minus instructions and as fitting one requires working with electrics it is advisable to either call your local electrician to do the job or to first familiarise yourself with how to do it yourself, which you can do via the Do It Yourself website and ideally have an electrician check over your work once completes.

Once fitted, a remote control can be used just like a wall mounted switch to turn your ceiling light on and off. In some cases remote control switches can also be used much in the same way as dimmer switches to provide you optimum control over how light and bright or dim and atmospheric your bedroom lighting is. Either way, it is worth considering having a remote control light fitting put in place as this will of course mean that you and / or your partner can control your bedroom lighting from bed, regardless of whether you also opt to make use of bedside lamps.

An alternative to the traditional remote control light switch is to look into purchasing something called an Easy Bulb. Sold via the Official Easy Bulb website, an Easy Bulb is essentially a smart light bulb; as well as dimming and brightening it can also change colour and switch on and off entirely without the need to start changing your switch fittings or using a remote control.

A smart bulb can be controlled directly by a smart phone, iPhone,  iPad, tablet or laptop as well as via remote for those who want to use a separate remote to control their bedroom lighting.  An ultra eco-friendly, easy to use and safe means of getting remote control bedroom lighting, Easy Bulbs are also made to last up to 25 years, meaning that they stand to save those who opt to use them a considerable amount o money in the long term.

Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps aren’t just functional items and lighting additions; bedside lamps are a decoration, ornament and style feature. Hence, when buying bedside lamps for use by two people or to be placed either side of a double bed, always opt to purchase two of the same or a set of two identical bedside lamps. Further, to ensure both compliment the style of a room, ensure you shop with your bedroom in mind and do not scrimp on what is after all a finishing touch to any well decorated bedroom and likely to be used daily and so must as well as looking good stand the test of time.

Then, to search a broad selection of bedside and table lamps and see what is currently trending and winning in the fashion stakes when it comes to additional lighting and home interiors, head over to the Oberoi Brothers Designer Lighting website. Meanwhile, for an alternative to the traditional bedside lamp or for use over or beside a bed where a bedside table is not used or does not feature, take a moment to consider a modern halogen or even LED wall lamps which can be directly affixed to a wall and adjusted to provide excellent downlighting as well as being brilliantly space saving, energy efficient and contemporary in design.

Light Bulbs

Getting the right light bulb for use in bedside, desk and as well ceiling lights in any room can take a little experimenting. In a bedroom though, few things are quite as important as getting the lighting right. After all, a bedroom that is lit up too brightly could impact negatively on a person or couple’s ability to sleep; bright and harsh light stimulates the brain and prevents a person from nodding off or relaxing. Meanwhile, fail to adequately light a bedroom and you could end up causing yourself or your partner to suffer from eyestrain when attempting to read and headaches and migraines long term. Hence, rather than get it wrong, visit the Which? Website and take a couple of minutes to read through their guide: Five Tips for Choosing the Right Light Bulb.

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