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10 Amazing Facts about Air Conditioners for You to Know

Most homes today have an AC to cover their basic needs. However, very few of us know the facts behind using these ACs. Many of us are only aware of the cooling fact of these ACs. If you ask people, most of them will answer you that air conditioners are meant for cooling. There are plenty of other unknown benefits and facts that you will know in this article.

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  • There are filters installed in these air conditioners. These filters balance the flow of air in the rooms. As the filtration process is on, it loads more and more particles of air by making the cooling more efficient for the users.
  • Air conditioners blow the cool air inside your room and absorb the hot air to throw outside. The cold pipes that help the cooling process to happen successfully are known as evaporator coil. The coil is filled with a liquid named, refrigerant. This liquid helps to absorb the heat from the air.
  • Air conditioners help you to receive constant cooling during seasons which demand cool air. Thus, using these at home provides you efficient cool air during all seasons.

receive constant cooling during

  • It frees the air from increased humidity during humid climate. This is one of the major reasons why humid areas have more of ACs installed.
  • Air conditioners are installed to maintain the overall humidity of the buildings or parts of a building that needs attention.
  • Air conditioners help you to receive a constant, standard, and undisturbed flow of air, for your room to feel ventilated all the time.
  • The advanced companies offer features in these ACs that helps to remove microorganisms, soot, dust, dirt, and other invisible foreign bodies present in the air. It is like a filtration process overall, in which you are assured to breath fresh all time.

companies offer features

  • Some air conditioners also come with a heating option that helps you to heat the rooms in winters, especially the chilly nights. You can heat or cool the rooms according to the climatic demand.
  • Air conditioners were invented before the refrigeration took place. The cooling was tested by saving big blocks of ice. During the cooling test, an equivalent amount of ice was melted in a day. This was the period when the term ‘ton’ came into the picture. Most of the window air conditioners are usually less than one ton. This is one of the reasons why split ACs and ductless systems were invented to cover broader areas.
  • The maintenance of these filters is so easy that even a common individual can do it without the assistance of a professional. However, for the first few periods, we advise you to take assistance from a professional service. Many companies also offer a free service for the initial few visits of your purchase.

maintenance of these filters

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